Weekend in hotel

Nothing is better then spending a weekend in a fancy hotel with a hot escort to accompany you.

Many business men need to relax from their day job routine and choose to spend the weekend in hotel in tel aviv or eilat or some other resort city in Israel. after you reserve a room in the hotel its time to choose your favorite escort from our services to come with you. you can choose a sexy blonde with full tits, or darker petite girl whatever you want we have a variety of girls in our escort services.

When you get to the hotel you put all your stuff and bags in the room, and go straight to the shower with your escort, lets call her Cindy. Cindy strip her clothes slowly and you start to soap her body slowly, concentrating on her private parts. she then start to moan slowly as you touch her.

After that its her turn to scrub you with soap and foam , she soap your arms and back, and then soap your carrot and nuts. she jerk you off slowly and then you turn her and put it inside in doggy-style.

After you both finish its time to go to the swimming pool to get some tan on your bodies, you can relax in the sun while the waitress provide tequilas and champagne to your sit. you watch Cindy with her tiny thong the expose her ass cheeks, she swim back and forth and you can see her huge tits flowing out of the bikini.

Now its time to take shower again and prepare for dinner in exclusive restaurant, you eat beefy stake and pasta, for desert Cindy eat her chocolate mousse licking it with her wet tongue that will lick your body later.

To finish the night you go out to VIP night club and dress to impress, you both dance and drink like animals, Cindy shake her booty straight on your carrot to turn you on.

now its time to go back to the hotel for another round of raunchy sex until the morning. this is only the first night what else your’e going to do the rest of the weekend?