New Girls

Real Girls offers here a gallery of a variety of new escort  masseuse girls. A new popular trend among men who use escort services without sex.

Some man are suspicious about ordering new escort masseuse girls because they worry she’s not experienced enough and won’t deliver the goods, on the other hand there are men who only desire new escort masseuese girls who have just began and are very fresh to the business.

It’s important to know that the new escort masseuse girls are going through a professional training before beginning to work and they are not thrown in to the deep water just like that, this are experienced girls, they are professional, skillful and intelligent.

The young girls usually have talent and skill in escort service without sex and they choose it out of their own free will, some girls are students and study and some finished their education and chose to stay because they gain a lot of experience, skill and knowledge and become highly successful in the business. In addition some levelled up to be VIP escort girls and earn thousands of shekels per hourly price.

The new girls invest more effort, because they want to increase their popularity their fame and their client base, they need to prove the escort offices they are disciplined and worthy of working and in addition they want to increase their hourly price and therefore they will work harder and sometimes better that standard quality escort masseuse girls.

Some are also very ambitious and want to become VIP girls to stay in the highest rank of escort masseuse girls and try hard to perform at their best.

Something else you should know about new escort masseuse girls is that they are more enthusiastic and cheerful, they don’t take their job for granted, it’s new and exciting for them, they have much to learn and they enjoy greatly their new high incomes which pays triple and sometimes more, than their old salary.

The escort masseuse girls are available most hours of the day and travel to any distance at the customer’s request and comfort.  The way to choose a new escort masseuse girl is challenging and you can choose them by many details, you can choose a girl by her hair, body figure, age, specialty in a certain service, the languages they speak and more.

You also can choose a girl by the country she’s from like Israel, Russian, Sweden, Japan and etc.’ Some girls are highly appropriate for tourist due to them speaking many languages and can translate them the Hebrew language and show them around in town.

Enjoy our wide selection of escort masseuse girls, I’m sure now you know new girls are worth much more than what most people think.

We’re here for any request or question you have and will be glad to reply. You can leave details and information in the contact page and we will get to you shortly with attractive offers and the new escort masseuse girls you are looking for, good luck & enjoy.

Katya 20

If you are looking for truly professional massage and are not willing to compromise on average service, you are looking for Katya. She will make...
Call Girl Katya

Anya 20

Her gaze is full of desire, it makes men sweat and their heart beats faster than usual. Anya is a gorgeous blonde with a perfect sporty body,...
Call Girl Anya

Anastasia 20

There is no girl who can make you scream and ask for mercy like Anastasia, she is so good at what she does that there is not one person who has...
Call Girl Anastasia

Mili 20

Have you ever felt an uncontrollable attraction to a woman? Mili is the girl who can easily inspire these powerful emotions. Her beauty is so...
Call Girl Mili

Lilia 20

The amazing Lilia has a miraculous hands, she is a real magician. This girl will break you up and re-assemble. You will never feel so good as...
Call Girl Lilia